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What we do?

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How we work

  • Teamwork

    Goals can be reached with the power of people. When you are our customer, you are part of our team, and we take care of our own people. Our projects are powered by our whole team and when you decide to choose ICT DIRECT as your growth catalyst, you get decades of experience and multiple different point of views on how to get the best people into your company, into your team.

  • Equality

    We are treating everyone equally regardless of your gender, skin color, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs or ethnicity. That’s how we treat our team, customers and IT and tech talents and everyone else. We recommend everyone to do the same.

  • Commitment

    We are dedicated to provide the greatest IT talent acquisition solutions to help our customers to grow their business. We commit to our projects and customers, and we do not stop until we can find you the match you are looking for. We are dedicated to connect our IT and tech talents into new advancing career opportunities.

  • Quality

    Quality is in each state of our working policy. Our team, our tools and the IT and tech talents we are working with are all qualified. Customers are served with quality service throughout our sales and IT talent acquisition projects. We offer job opportunities that are quality job placements to advance careers. Throughout everything we do, we cherish quality.

  • Development

    Continuous development is the key to how we provide state-of-the-art solutions. We are always looking for new ways to do talent acquisition. You can find us using the most modern tools on the market. We develop the way we and our customers think, and we challenge them to do things differently.